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Sidney "Sid"
Tinkerbell "Tink"
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Postby choclab » Sun Oct 16, 2005 4:55 pm

Just an update on "sid". She tagged along with Maggie and me to the trainer a week or so ago, and she did fantastic. She was 9 wks old and was bringing a chucker to me. She even pointed! Today I threw a duck wing for her, and she LOVED it. Then just out of fun I threw a mallard for her, and the dang thing brought it back to me! She had to drag it by the neck, but she got the job done, she even sat when she got to my side. I am really excited about this little 10 wk old pup. I just wish I had her at the start of spring. Thanks to all who gave me input on her name, we love it. Thanks guys and gals.

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