Stinky Dog

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Stinky Dog

Postby coco_05 » Tue Oct 11, 2005 7:56 pm

Yall my dog stinks all of the time. I am constantly having to bathe her at least once ever week or so just to get the smell off of her. I let her out as much as i can(usually 3 to 4 times a day) and she rarely goes in her pen. And we she does i clean it out. She does pee alot but i dont know if that is what is causing it or not. I need some suggestions because soap is starting to cost me a good bit. :pissed: I know some of yall might get a laugh at this but its starting to bug me. Thanks!
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Postby duckdog » Tue Oct 11, 2005 8:31 pm

Be careful bathing your dog requently with soap, as it will degrade there natural oil's in there hair. Now if your from the south it might not be as big as a deal, because of the warmer weather. What doe's it smell like, my neigbor's lab was stinking pertty bad. He had an anal gland that was plugged, or blocked. He took it ot the vet, and it immediatly helped.
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Postby coco_05 » Tue Oct 11, 2005 10:13 pm

Well i dont think she has that problem but im not sure if i can explain what she smells like.i mean its not a terrible smell but it is noticable and its just a pet peve of mine that i was wondering if there might be a cure.
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Postby JJ McGuire » Wed Oct 12, 2005 6:26 am

Have you checked her anal glands? They may need to be expressed. If you don't know how to do this take your girl to the vet and have them show you how to express them.
JJ McGuire
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Postby IBBoykin » Wed Oct 12, 2005 7:26 am

The ole anal glands, they will get you everytime. Usual sign is the dragging of the but on the ground. This is how a dog self expresses them.
To help the process along, use your thumb and index finger and place them on either side of her butt hole. You can feel what seems like two beans. Squeeze them and milk it upward, make sure you do not put your face in the path of what may come out.
As to baths. Do not use human soap or shampoo. Go to a vet and get you two different shampoos. One is Chlorhexiderm 2% or 4%, 4% is just a little stronger. Second is NuSal T. NuSal has pine tar and menthol in it. It is a shampoo used in certain situations of skin problems, but I also use it to get the stank off. Bathe in the Nusal first letting the dog soak for at least five minutes. Rinse and repeat the process using the chlorhex. Your dogs coat and skin will thank you. These shampoos are not $5 per bottle, more like $13. It does not take a lot of either, even on a large lab. But I use these everyday at work and believe me, it works. The Chlorhex can be used on a regular basis, but only use the NuSal when necessary.
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Postby Fowlercon » Wed Oct 12, 2005 8:14 am

JJ McGuire wrote:Have you checked her anal glands? They may need to be expressed. If you don't know how to do this take your girl to the vet and have them show you how to express them.

Now I've been married for almost 8 years now and this is one thing I'm not doing for her. I love my wife as much as I did when we met but I'm just not ready to take that next step. Are you sure that the Vet is the right place? I know they check vehicle emmitions, but I didn't know you could get a colonoscopy too.
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Postby 7greenslady » Wed Oct 12, 2005 1:08 pm

You should get this checked out. My boyfriend had a chocolate female and she started stinking when she was 2. The vet said she was allergic to regular food, so she needed special food. Then, after a year of buying that food and the dog still stinking, they discovered she a lupis. A few months later, her kidneys were failing and she had to be put down. I doubt this is the case with you, his dog had a history of parvo which weakened her immune system severely and left susceptible to all kinds of illnesses and infections. Anyhow, you may want to take yours to the vet and have the glands checked and maybe allergies, too.
Have a good one fellas.
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