soft mouth and barking at wrong time

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soft mouth and barking at wrong time

Postby brdprey » Wed Oct 12, 2005 8:07 am

i have to ask, my tanner is now 19 mnths and he does very well for being a back yard learner. but i have a problem. he is soft mouth.when i place him up for ff. he grabs the dummy or duck at command very well and he will hold it but it nearly falls out of his mouth and i encourage him........althou it has been making me upset lately. example.......last weekend he would go get the ducks but when he came back they fellout of his mouth at sit......
anyway , while walking he holds it well but at sit, he just doesnt care. we also have an issue of barking at shooting,as i move to shoot the duck he wants to root me on or something , what did i do wrong.
thanks :help:
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Postby Fowlercon » Wed Oct 12, 2005 8:24 am

Are you finished w/ FF? It sounds like HOLD is not solid enough. Go back and re-visit HOLD...........and when he is holding well tap the end of dowel or bumper with a stick and encourage holding tighter. This will develop a firmer grip. I am still at HOLD and refuse to rush the issue until I know that he has the most important step 100%.

As far as the barking goes I think he should be scolded soundly at any such infration in the blind. On my pups first hunt he started whining with excitement and I grabbed him by the scruf of the neck and jerked his head to the ground and pinned him with an exuberant NO. It was fast and violent and unexpected from his point of view. He doesnt make a peep now. To me its kinda like children......if you bring the quickness the first time swiftly and furiously you never have to do it again.
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