XL Keystone Pipeline

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Re: XL Keystone Pipeline

Postby gooseseeker » Wed Dec 04, 2013 3:55 pm

As far as the benefit of the pipeline for the U.S. it would be minimal at best,most of the oil would be exported overseas,Canada needs our refinaries to produce the oil,end of story.If you don't believe me then just look at what our biggest export products are,yep you guessed it oil and gas,also the nat.gas companies are jacking the price 15% this winter because we have so much of it the price bottomed out and killed their profits,how did that work out for us? Thanks fracking!
Now lets talk about this criminal process of using food to make fuel.The U.S put 15% of that piss in our gasoline and the price increased,once again how'd that work for you,not to mention that this wonderful new blend of gas turns to gel in a short period of time and decreases gas mileage,so in essence the price increases more.The bottom line to all this is you can thank Big Oil and our dysfunctional Govt. that makes sure the wealthy just keeps on getting richer and the rest of us are on our own!!!!!!!!!!
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