Homemade duck blind

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Homemade duck blind

Postby thomashamm2 » Fri Jun 07, 2013 7:43 pm

I want to make a homemade duck blind that is cheap, but effective. i have a rough idea of 6 wood posts driven into the ground and wrapped with chicken wire to make a rectangle. I would leave one side open for a door. The only problem i have is how to camoflage it well. I would also like to have a small roof for cover from the rain and so the ducks dont see me from the sky. i am open to any other idead on how to build a duck blind that you guys have.
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Re: Homemade duck blind

Postby coulterville33 » Sun Jun 09, 2013 5:28 pm

We use metal fence posts and hog or cattle panel. Wire the walls on and wire the roof up we cover the roof with thinest ply wood and wire that on. Cover with natural cover. Make sure you leave a gap between the front wall and roof to stand up into and shhot
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Re: Homemade duck blind

Postby tenfingergrip » Mon Jun 10, 2013 7:22 am

Here is a rough quick sketch of my typical shore blinds that I have 5 of on the coastal waters of NC. I have been building this blind for the last 40 years and has really served me well because high water and wave action usually doesn't effect it. However, it would be a simple and easy design to build anywhere and camouflages well with whatever the predominate brush is in the area. In my particular case, phragmites. I actually place a 1x4" board on either side of the 4x4 posts (top and bottom) and stick the rush (phragmites) in between the boards until tight and then have a piece of wire every 6 inches across the tops of the two boards to keep the rush from blowing to one side of the other during strong winds. After a couple of years of adding brush to the blind, the stuff is tight enough to so that only a few pieces in each "slot" brushes the blind. I have added a cantilevered top to the back that is hinged by running a bolt thru each side of the 'arms' of the top and the two back posts and is angled upwards toward the front by two 1"x 2" wood slats that will hook at various places to a pin in the back posts. This allows me to drop the top when the blind is not in use and to keep it from getting damaged in the off season by winds etc. The top is coverd with plastic mesh and a tarp for attaching rush for camo and to keep out the rain. I've got a better sketch than this quickie but haven't put my hands on it.

Shore blind.jpg

My dimensions are 8' across the front, 5' down the right side (seat side), 6' across the back w/seat, and 6' down the left side (this gives offset to help block view of ducks coming from the side) I also have access to a device that hog farmers use to keep the hogs off the ground in the hog parlors, called "tenderfoot", an expanded metal wrapped with plastic coating which I lay in the bottom of the blind. This keeps the inside of the blind from getting mushy and muddy and from miring up in the mud.
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Re: Homemade duck blind

Postby TKEEKU » Sun Jul 21, 2013 6:42 pm

It really depends on where you are building the blind, as in State and what kind of water, as well as your budget. Tenfingergrip described a blind that has served a lot of people well. I have built a simple 4x8 and brushed it up so well you didn't need a roof to hide. The basics are that you want something sturdy that keeps you up out of the water in cold weather, that looks natural to what is around you, and hides at least some of the movement in a blind should the ducks catch you off guard. Give us some more details if you could.
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