Customizing Layout Blind?

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Customizing Layout Blind?

Postby Harley Dave » Sun Apr 30, 2006 7:02 am

Yesterday I won an Avery Finisher Layout Blind at a Ducks Unlimited event. Now I know about "mudding" the blind to cut the sheen. Since it's a khaki one I would like to do a little more before I mud it up. I'm wondering if anyone has done any camo paint work to khaki covered blinds before? Not thinking about trying to do a full-flegded camo job. Just thinking about adding some random areas of flat black, flat medium brown and maybe just a smidgen of a dirty pale yellow. Not alot of color maybe just enough to add some tones to areas that might show through the stubble. Thought is that it would help to break up the khaki color somewhat. Any suggestions on type of paint to use and will it stick to the material in the first place over the waterproofing?

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