Need a Little help

Share you waterfowl hunting gear tips and questions here. Including blinds, camo, clothing, etc... For decoys and calls, please see the other appropriate forums for that type of genre, Thanks.

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Best Call

Double Nasty II
Original Wench Duck Call
Haydels DR-85
Duck Commander
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Need a Little help

Postby theduckslayer87 » Thu Oct 26, 2006 4:17 pm

Im 19 and I have been hunting for a long time now but i have just started huting on my own a couple of years ago( without my dad). i never really learned to call to much so im trying to learn. im not a complet beginer but deffenitly not good. I was just wondering if you guys could give me any advice on picking a call. anything would help. thanks
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Postby A5Mag12 » Thu Oct 26, 2006 5:14 pm

It would be mighty hard to beat the DR-85 for ease of blowing and sounding like a real duck. I would go with that or for a bit more you could get the Haydels RedLegs which just feels a little better when blowing.
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Postby The Cat Island Drake » Thu Oct 26, 2006 5:37 pm

Duck Commander's Duck Picker, Willie's camo max, The Mule all are great calls. :thumbsup:
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Postby casey_714 » Thu Oct 26, 2006 8:58 pm

The Cat Island Drake wrote:Duck Commander's Duck Picker :thumbsup:

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Postby kcduckslayer » Thu Oct 26, 2006 9:42 pm

go out and try a YO SISTA from primos. I had a double nasty. Its a real quite call, nothing wrong with that but it breaks on the mid to high range.
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