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Postby vacuum6 » Sat Dec 02, 2006 8:36 am

i don't know if anybody is interested but i have been reveiwing several binoculars and thought i would post my results. first of all, there are some personal likes and dislikes, as well as features that i was was looking for. Most important to me was field of view from a waterfowlers point of view. i am not talking about antelope hunting or deer hunting binoculars which would demand higher power magnifications. i personally have a tough time with any binos that have a very narrow field of view...say less than 390' at 1000 yards. i can't pick up birds in flight fast enough with a narrow field of view. secondly, there are guys that can hold a 10 X very steady, i can't do it long enough and the 10X that i had were very narrow field of 290' at 1000 yards. so that left me with 8X power. i did find one that i liked from Eagle Optics. it was 8x32 with a 390' field of view. i like everything about these but wanted to try an 8.5 power for just a little bit more mag. i then tried a swift 8.5 x 44. the FOV was great at 430' at 1000 yards. these were everything i was looking for except one thing..they felt like i had a tv set around my neck. they were huge. both of these were priced near $280. i then found an 8.5 x 32 with a FOV of 390' at 1000 yards. this was one i never heard was a vortex spitfire. i was pretty impressed with these binoculars. two things were pretty rinky dink though. the objective lens covers fit inside of the objective lenses and i could not get them off with gloves on. also, they were not attached to the binoculars, so i lost one in the swamp right away. i bought a set of $7 rubber lens covers from the 8x32 eagle optic people and solved that problem quickly. the other problem was the twist up eye cups. they were very loose and wiggly. i still haven't figured out how to fix that one. these were $139 and, as of now, are my swamp binos. oh, i did look at the swarovski 8.5x 42 but at $1500 they are not in my strike zone....way out of my strike zone. i would consider them pretty close to the top of the food chain for 8.5 power.
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