New Smell Material

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New Smell Material

Postby AR Dave » Mon Nov 11, 2013 9:26 pm

I've got a friend who's started selling hunting stuff, guess I'm kind of a partner, getting stuff at cost anyway. We popped out these ground blinds and I knew the odor immediately. It's that smell I had on a coat, one time, I couldn't get rid of... Any ideals? I'm thinking that we take a brush, non scent laundry detergent, and scrub it. Then spray em down with some no-scent (Dead Down Wind) spray. They've already been airing out for 3 days, but I know it is hard to get rid of. Awesome blinds, if they didn't have that smell. :help:

I am getting some awesome cammo clothing out of the deal (I have to test it) :smile: Had a small buck walk all over my trail 2 days go, before turning 10 yds from me - stuck him.
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Re: New Smell Material

Postby 2500hdon37s » Tue Nov 12, 2013 2:41 pm

mud it, wash it, spray with scent killer then air it out is what I'd do.
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Re: New Smell Material

Postby mudpack » Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:05 am

Open them up, leave them outside in the sun and wind for several days. Sunlight and fresh air can diminish any odor over time.

The smell you are experiencing is the volatiles outgassing from the synthetic materials used to make the product. Eventually, they'll dissipate.
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