Drake Waterfowl Gear Comments

Share you waterfowl hunting gear tips and questions here. Including blinds, camo, clothing, etc... For decoys and calls, please see the other appropriate forums for that type of genre, Thanks.

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Re: Drake Waterfowl Gear Comments

Postby QuackAttack873 » Tue Jan 07, 2014 9:46 am

whatever you do DO NOT BUY THERE WADERS.. Wore mine 5 times and i had to wring water out of my socks. Called drake and they said i had to pay 150$ for a new pair. Thats got to be the biggest joke I've ever heard. Just whatever you do stay away from the waders.
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Re: Drake Waterfowl Gear Comments

Postby wpevey » Sun Jan 12, 2014 4:21 am

Wow, things must have changed with the company on last few years. I bought the dekes, MST pull over, 4 in 1 +1 jacket, and EST waders 6 seasons ago. Every one of them is still going strong and work great. The waders are the only thing wearing away and its just the shoulder straps. The waders themselves have never leaked or not performed.
I guess like every other american company it seems that they eventually have to outsource their production to keep up with demand and lower cost at the expense of quality. Hope they get it straight, I like their products.
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Re: Drake Waterfowl Gear Comments

Postby O2Fsh » Sun Jan 12, 2014 11:45 am

UofA_Hunter wrote:Only problem I ever have with Drake gear is I keep pulling the dang zipper tabs off

Same issue I had while in the military with MANY of our jackets. May I suggest a loop of paracord? Make the loop big enough to get a gloved finger in it. We sometimes, now, us goose bands to keep the loop open to reduce effort necessary to get the finger in.

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Re: Drake Waterfowl Gear Comments

Postby danny6172 » Sun Jan 12, 2014 12:07 pm

I have a hat from them... It's holding up.
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Re: Drake Waterfowl Gear Comments

Postby solway gunner » Sun Jan 12, 2014 1:36 pm

The most poorly constructed ,crudely stitched expensive crap ive ever worn,equader top/LST 4in 1 coat,LST bib and brace are all as waterproof as a tea bag.DO NOT buy unless you like wasting huge amounts of money.,as a johnny foreigner there was no way i was shipping that s*it back to them-it cost me over $500inc shipping to get it here,so i had to learn the hard way.The only items i wear when it is cold but dry is the liner from the 4in 1 and the bibs.These guys are exellent marketing gurus and know how to sucker punch.If it wasnt so expensive id take it on the chin,but it isnt and i realy resent their poorly made chinese clothing .
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Drake Waterfowl Gear Comments

Postby Nelliboy2 » Sun Jan 12, 2014 10:08 pm

I had the mst pull over and coat. On all of them the zipper fail all the time! I have their gun case, like it but both of them I have had my barrel go through them. Reinforced it and have been good to go.

Switch to llbean wool sweater with wind liner and you will never catch me in fleece again. Llbean blows drakes line out of the water every time.

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Re: Drake Waterfowl Gear Comments

Postby freezeland » Wed Jan 15, 2014 6:20 am

Slim Pickn's wrote:I'm interested to see if everybody is having the same results from Drake Waterfowl gear as I am/we are

2 of us ordered their new late season waders. $300 rockets. On both pairs the boots were glued together. Couldn't even get our feet in them. Called Drake and the lady told me to just shove my feet through the glue as they have been having this problem lately. So I did. Tore the lining and sent them back. My other hunting buddy had his for one year and the stitching came undone and they leaked in the crotch. I also looked around on some other treads and seems like this is a common thing with their waders.

Sam buddy with the leaky waders was sliding his gun into the scabbard Saturday afternoon and the gun barrel went right threw the end. Stitching tore right out.

I have a Drake EQ Jacket. 2nd season of hunting. Looked down Saturday morning and the zipper had fell apart and rendered the zipper unusable. :hammer:

At this point I beginning to see a pattern.

Anybody else having my luck?

Yep, Drake sucks. I'll never buy anything from em again. I have a LST 4 in 1 Parka that the pockets fell off of......
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Re: Drake Waterfowl Gear Comments

Postby ChattanoogaDuckHunter » Thu Feb 20, 2014 8:10 pm

I've had and have plenty of drake gear from double duty decoy gloves to the LST 3 in 1 coat. How ever I have never even considered buying their waders. My local sportsman's store said all they have had is complaints and returns on drake waders. All my buddies hate them but love their other gear and I'm the same way. The jackets are great! Mine 3 in 1 ripped on a nail when building a blind and I sent it back and got a brand new replacement within 5 days. I love everything Drake makes but I just wont push my luck with their waders.
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