springfield model 1929 single barrel

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springfield model 1929 single barrel

Postby Daniel Peterson » Wed Dec 28, 2005 10:43 am

I inherted a old beat up single-barrel Springfield shotgun from my grandpa. I have looked for information on it or the company that manufactured it but cant find it. Does anybody have a springfield single barrel that is simler? Does anybody know if the company still exest? I have been look for a triggergard for the old shotgun but cant seem to find it. It isnt worth $30 since it has been put to some hard use through the years. However I woundnt sell it for $100000, I killed my first deer with it when I was 10.

thank yall

Dan Peterson
Daniel Peterson
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Postby Greg Wile » Wed Dec 28, 2005 2:15 pm

I don't know of any Springfield produced shot guns but Stevens gun co produced some guns under the Springfield name up untill 1948 when they discontinued the Springfield brand name. Hope this was/is of some help in tracing the guns history down.
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