Light loads bruised her face

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Light loads bruised her face

Postby Duplex lover » Sat Aug 24, 2013 6:31 pm

Took the daughter in law out to let her try some clay pigeons. She normally shoots her shot gun very well,but hasn't shot here shottie in over two years and wanted to " Shake out the cobwebs" before our bird trip. Last year she stayed home. All went well , I thought, it took a box and a half before she got it back under control. After the next box and a half she was hitting with good regularity. We cleaned up after our selves, a buddy and I shot a bunch too. 155 shot shot shells make a good mess , we don't shoot at a range and I can use the hulls. Never gave it another thought. On the way out we ran across a badger rooting around and My buddy said to bad we only have shotguns. The D-I-L told him she had her 380 on her and handed it to him. I stop and he bail out at a run and chased it down. When he got about 15 feet from it, it wheeled around and faced him down. They look VERY impressive when they puff up and charge YOU, almost forgot HE had the gun. A quick pop and it was over, Fun to watch. Anyway when we got home I looked at the D-I-L her jaw and cheek where swollen and black and blue? Humm? I'd never seen that. Do you think she was not holding her shot gun tight enough? I had loaded some special shells for he with very light recoil. Her arm and shoulder showed no sigh of a misalignment, no bruise.
She is not impressed... :eek:

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Re: Light loads bruised her face

Postby PungoShoresOutdoors » Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:51 pm

Love the photoshop :lol3:
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