Nova vs. 870

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Re: Nova vs. 870

Postby fullpattern » Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:01 pm

I own two 870 expresses that I won at California Waterfowl diners. Both of them were great for waterfowl hunting at first. I later had problems with shells getting stuck in their chambers. I bought a scoop mount barrel, but the groups for saboted slugs were terible. The trigger pull ia long and wandering for the 870 Expresses. I had to buy a chamber hone to polish the chambers for both 870 expresses and now they work great for waterfowl hunting. I also own a original 12 gage Nova. It has a chrome lined barrel and chamber thus no problems with stuck shells in the chamber. The Nova is my gun of choice for cold rainy, or freazing weather. It is reliable and is great for shooting 3.5" shells. The thing I dont like about the Nova is the gun does not have checkering at the hand grip on the stock. When my gun gets mud on it, and when especialy shooting 3.5" magnums causes it to recoil back to my middle finger brusing it. My hand size is medium to large.The grip on the 870 is checkerd and smaller making for a better grip. I would still get the Nova over the 870 express because it is of much higher quality. I have greatly increased the grip of the Nova by sanding the grip with course sand paper. Hope this helps.
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