Thinking about a new gun

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Re: Thinking about a new gun

Postby mudpack » Fri Sep 13, 2013 1:11 pm

LiquidA45 wrote:I just have this fear that a semi auto will jam on me or something will break and I won't be able to fix it. That and spending $1,000 on a gun is hard for me to justify.

I had the same fear for many years, and kept my 870 Special Purpose Waterfowl because of that. When I finally bought an autoloader (Browning Gold), I wondered why I didn't get one long before. Modern autoloaders, when reasonably cared for, are as trouble-free as a pump.

A good used Gold Hunter (only in 3", do NOT buy a 3.5" Gold), or 3" 11-87 will serve you well.
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Re: Thinking about a new gun

Postby Remington3 » Fri Sep 13, 2013 6:21 pm

LiquidA45 wrote:
Remington3 wrote:870 I have had one for 8 years and never had a problem with it love it.. On the other had I just had a buddy pick up a 870 express super magnum... I know that they also have just a super magnum... But on the gun it's self should it say express super mag and not just super mag? Anyone know? Because the one I got in the past says express super mag and my dad have a 870 as well have his is just the super mag.



New one


Older one

What's the difference?? The box he got his gun in said it was a express but does not show it like mine does..
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