tri-star 3.5 mag

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tri-star 3.5 mag

Postby garlicsalt » Tue Sep 10, 2013 3:54 pm

hey guys, anybody got one or no anyone with one just awondern what people think of it. people that actually have shot one please chim in. thanks alot
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Re: tri-star 3.5 mag

Postby goosman » Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:49 pm

I primarily hunt with my citori 3.5 full camo love the gun. Only down fall is it's still a wood stock dipped in camo so when I drop it in the drink or the dog covers it in water in the boat I can't shoot it for a couple of days because my hunting partner said oh it will be fine he shot his later in the day once and split his stock. Last year I saw a guy with one of these and I thought that is sweet. I love the idea of a pocket friendly full camo SYNTHETIC gun and it's 3.5 but know around here has any then I guy from worked asked me about them and I said I want one he said come take a look he bought one and it is sweet shoulders almost the same as my citori he let me use it at the skeet range and it feels awesome it's light like my maxus but feels like my o/u swinging on targets. Long story short buy one love the gun I found a place that carries them where we do duck camp every year so after October I can report more sorry for such a long reply but j love them and that's coming from some one who primarily only pulls a gold trigger brownings are my fav in any form but I think this will be my new partner. Good luck I wouldn't think twice
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