Need Help. 686 Pro or Cynergy

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Need Help. 686 Pro or Cynergy

Postby BLKLABMAN » Mon Dec 27, 2004 6:50 pm

I am looking to buy a new O/U. I have narrowed it down to either the Beretta 686 Pro, or Browning Cynergy.
I have held both an shouldered both with 28" tubes 12ga. The both feel great, leading to my indecision.
It would be used for duck/goose hunting, quail, and used alot in SC.
I'm not looking for a pure SC O/U. For what you get, a SC model does not justify the extra $$$

If anyone has any first hnd knowledge of these two shotguns, I would like to hear your comments whether they be pro or con.
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Postby Web Foot » Fri Jan 07, 2005 11:07 am

I have shot the Cynergy and the recoil was very low. The gun handled great. The Brownings just fit me better.
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Postby kial » Wed Jan 12, 2005 6:15 pm

Let me know how you make out. I wonder about recoil w/ heavier loads. I recently bought a Marrochi M-57 to seaduck hunt with and I have never in my life been so beaten up by a gun. I was shooting heavy shot 3", #2, #4 and #5s, 1 5/8oz. loads. Thirty rounds at Eider left my cheek, shoulder and arm badly bruised. I would love to hunt with a double, but have not been convinced that anything short of an 8+lb. gun will be comfortable to shoot at the big birds.
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Postby thaner » Wed Jan 12, 2005 9:45 pm

I have had a bunch of brownings 12's and one baretta 12. Still have all the browning small ga. I have purchased but the beretta is the only 12 I still own. Both are good but the 686 just shoots like a dream for me. It really comes down to the one that fits best and shoots where you look. I have put many thousands of target rounds and hunting loads through my beretta and the browings, never a problem with any of them. The old style brownings citori models where mostly taller framed guns with higher ribs and I think they recoiled and muzzle jumped too much. The 325, 425, and so on all seamed to be stocked too long for field use and they kicked like a horse. The berettas are a lower profile frame and have a lower center of gravity or something as they don't get in my face as much with the heavy stuff. I have picked up the cynergy and it is a little different, but I haven't shot one yet. Could be just the ticket. Hard to go wrong with the quality of either one. Pick the one that point and fits the best.
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