put super vinci on paper today

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put super vinci on paper today

Postby muskymagoo51 » Tue Oct 15, 2013 4:20 pm

I read some post about benellis shooting high so while I had the pup out this morning I took gun with me. IC at 25 yards pattern was about 50/50 with kent fast steel 3 inch number 4s. Just a shade higher with federal top gun # 8s the pink ones, but wouldnt quite consider 60 /40. was really pleased with the kents no blotches or large holes. Was in a hurry so didnt try any other tubes, ranges, etc. I figured I would be ok. I do this when testing for fit. pick a spot on wall, shoulder gun but stay focused on spot then look at barrel. if the beeds are almost super imposed its seems to fit not quite a figure 8 , if the mid beed completely covers end beed shoots to low. If the mid beed completely under the end beed to high. i
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