Cross Eye Dominance - my dilemma

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Cross Eye Dominance - my dilemma

Postby Jfk1700 » Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:13 am

Hey guys,

I know this issue has been beaten to death, but I have a personal experience with cross eye dominance that I would like to get some insight on.

I realized I was cross eye dominant a little bit over a year ago. I had been an above average shot from my right shoulder, but everyone I spoke with influenced me to switch to my left shoulder for the best results long term. I figured, being 25 years old, I could make the switch fairly easily. Long story short – I made the switch and experienced growing pains, as expected; however, from a physical standpoint, I hadn’t really had any problems with mounting the gun. I have been shooting exclusively left handed for about 1 year now, with mixed results. Some days I shoot fine, some days I shoot terribly. Like many of you on this board, I don’t really have time to practice (clays etc). The only time that I get practice shooting is out in the field. Again, my LH mount has felt fine – I know I am in good position…but still, I am not shooting consistently and I just don’t feel that comfortable shooting from a visual standpoint.

I have been very disciplined with my desire to keep the gun in my left hand…but after a good bit of shooting this weekend, things got even more frustrating!

After a morning of poor shooting (clays), I gave in and decided to put the gun in my right hand. Obviously, this felt natural to me, and I started to break clays like crazy without even thinking about it. Actually - my gun was still set cast on and set up for my left shoulder. For some reason with my LH mount, although my dominant eye was looking down the barrel, my eyes never seemed to “connect” with where my gun was pointing. In other words, I knew my mount was good (coach has looked at it a few times), and I would be looking right at the bird/clay – but didn’t connect like I felt I should.

So – my main frustration and question for those with experience - is it possible that, because I grew up shooting from my non dominant (eye) shoulder, my vision has somehow compensated?
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