New set-up, any opinions?

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New set-up, any opinions?

Postby hurtin_honkers » Thu Jan 02, 2014 2:49 pm

Now some people already commented on my other post about sighting in, but i own a 20 gauge 870 youth pump, i changed the stocks to all synthetic black after cracking the butt stock. I loved the gun until it was to short for me to pull up and fire quickly. I bought a saddle mount, and a center point red dot sight in sale at cabelas. Having this sight makes it so i dont have to put my cheek on the stock so it fits again. I plan on sighting it in for slugs at 50 yards for deer and this spring ill sight it in with turkey loads. Anyone ever put one of these red dot reflex sights on their shotgun? I love the way it feels and looks when i point it, it would make a beautiful dogging gun when bush whacking for deer, anyone have an opinion? And i know I'll be hated on for this, but i didnt spend a fortune because i dont have a fortune. And I'm not looking for sharpshooter accuracy, just be able to hit my target at 50 yards with a slug
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