Trap Guns, are they really worth it?

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Re: Trap Guns, are they really worth it?

Postby threedogs » Sat Jun 14, 2014 5:34 pm

cootlover wrote:Sorry a 410 wont kill a duck :yes: I had a 1100 one of my best days shooting it was when I shot four 24 low gun at skeet .I ran 25 many times I just had to snicker at four 24.


Dang , I'll have to tell my dog not to pick the next one up .. :lol:
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Re: Trap Guns, are they really worth it?

Postby cannon » Sat Jun 14, 2014 8:34 pm

threedogs wrote:
cootlover wrote:If I do it all the time it's not called luck :thumbsup: I have people tell me all the time they can't believe a 20 ga are 28 ga can shoot so far I think to myself they don't get it . I love the 28 ga I have a model 37 Ithaca 28 ga with AAA wood man it shoots as good as it looks.

I duck hunt with my 410 sometimes . Not a big deal at all just pick my shots . 11/16 ths #6 Expert steel shot .

There is a club close to me that shoots nothing but .410's for ducks. It's actually called the ".410 Club." Of course, it's private timber hunting and they shoot their ducks inside 20yds. They wouldn't fare well in one of my blinds, but they do well in their environment.
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