gonna start realoding

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gonna start realoding

Postby nbduckhunter » Thu Jan 04, 2007 1:54 pm

Hi i am just about to order a reloader it will be my first time ever reloading and i have no idea how to do it or what is needed
I am pretty sure i will be ordering cabelas link

this product from cabelas im just wondering what else i will need to buy or is
this all i need to get started and also where can i guy get some good recipes for some killer loads
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Postby thaner » Thu Jan 04, 2007 3:52 pm

Read a bunch or the posts and get some books. We can help, but if you’re starting from scratch you need to do some reading
first to get up to speed a little. Here is a post that is going now with some answers.

More ammo! I need to shoot something!
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Postby pennsyltucky » Thu Jan 04, 2007 9:04 pm

that price is a little steep for that loader. look around, ull find it for about 40 bucks less.

and read. get books on reloading and shotgunning. learn stuff on how shot physics works....
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Postby FDM » Mon Jan 08, 2007 3:38 pm

What type of shooting do you plan on doing with your reloads?
Prices are very high for lead right now. Powder is not cheap either.
So if you are doing a lot of trap and skeet shooting and looking to get
into reloading just realize there are many shell manufactures out there
than can beat the price and time of reloading yourself. I haven't sat down
in a while and figured out the costs but I assume I am only saving a
buck or two a box right now. But shooting six to ten cases a month that's
where the saving are. Shooting a case a year you are not saving

I reload for skeet and sporting clays. It is a pain in the butt unless you
look at it as part of your hobby. I reload because I enjoy shooting my
own loads. I reload because I like making several different kinds of
And frankly I bought an expensive press so I have to get my money out
of it. I had a MEC similar to the one in the picture when I first started
reloading. It is a fine machine for a couple of cases a year. But if you are
going to load thousands of shells a year it won't be a wise choice. That
press is a single stage press. So it will take you a couple of minutes per
shell. Single stage presses are the most labor intensive.

Bottom line if you are looking to get in to reloading get on the web and
read all you can. Look at prices of supplies. Just google reloading
You will not want to order lead online and have it shipped. So you need to
find a local supplier(I do not suggest a mom and pop gun shop or
Gander Mountain) you will find that the lead is so expensive it ain't worth

Now with all that said I hope I did not discourage you. PM me if you have
any specific questions. I will be happy to help you get started.
So price Powder, Primers, Wads, once fired hulls, digital powder scale
and lastly and most importantly a couple reloading manuals. The
reloading manuals are like cook books. They explain the recipe and all
the ingredients.

Good Luck :salude:
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