HELP! Need advice for turkey loads!

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HELP! Need advice for turkey loads!

Postby kingcrabbercurry » Sat Jan 06, 2007 9:05 pm

I know this is DHC, but I figured some of you guys might be turkey hunters as well. I'm going on my first ever turkey hunt in 2 weeks and need some advice on what type of choke/load combination you guys shoot. I know each gun is different, and I know that the only way to determine what will work best is to pattern the loads and chokes in my gun, but I'm a student and don't have access to a range or anything like that while I'm up at school. I would just like to get a ballpark idea of what you would shoot if you were in my shoes.

The gun I'll be using is a 3" Remington 870 with a 28" barrel. If any of you shoot a similar gun for turkeys, please help me out and share your choke/load combos with me.

I plan on patterning my gun sometime between now and the start of the "real" season, but a friend has just invited me to go for the winter season, and I need to order my ammo/choke in the next day or two.

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Postby MossyGO! » Sat Jan 06, 2007 10:36 pm

I have an 835 and use my XFull choke with 3.5inch remington turkey loads it that helps any.
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Postby pennsyltucky » Sun Jan 07, 2007 8:31 am

a friend uses the exact same gun, and he has the remington "turkey" choke. it patterns really well with the remington turkey loads. i believe they are 1 7/8oz buffered lead 5's.

what chokes do you have? what loads do u have? if u cannot even find a place thats wooded to sneak back into and take a few shots at paper, then i dont suggest trying to use a turkey choke. lots of guns shoot to a different place than u aim, and u cant know that till u pattern with a real tight choke.

if i were in ur situation, and couldnt pattern a load, i would opt for a box of hevishot 6's or maybe 7.5's, if u can find em, in 3" for the heavy load, and use my factory modified choke for a little bit of pattern spread. no tighter than the factory full if i had to use lead. ive loaded up 3" 2oz and 2 1/4oz loads of hevi for a few friends and my brother, and they all do well with a modified or factory full(but they patterned them).
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Postby Sagebrush » Sun Jan 07, 2007 11:11 am


You HAVE to know "where" your Turkey choke strikes !!

2 o'clock, 7 o,clock etc.

A MUST with a 20" pattern...............

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Postby thaner » Sun Jan 07, 2007 5:46 pm

I shoot a 3" 870 and use a Trulock .665 and 3" Rem hevi #5. :eek: :thumbsup: It shoots the center of the core 4” left at 40 yd and you don’t want to be 4” left with this combo; you may still get the bird, but it tight so you want to know where it is going. I got some close out #6 Rem hevi 3” turkey loads to try as soon as the late goose season is over and I start thinking turkeys. I don’t see the need for hevi for waterfowl, but it makes a darn nice turkey load and I don’t mind paying $1.75 a turkey.

Last year I just used the same load with a factory full and it was fine also.
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Postby stumpjumper » Sun Jan 07, 2007 6:56 pm

King, you didn`t state weather or not you had placed any sights such as tru-glo`s on your gun or weather you were still using the old single ball at the end of the barrel. If you haven`t purchased any aftermarket sites by all means do so. It doesn`t matter the choke or shell you use if you can`t consistantly put it on target.

As for choke/shell combo.... All aftermarket chokes are pretty much AROUND the same. Some are better than others. But in the limited time you have just getting an xfull choke and some #5 buffered turkey loads should get the job done. But I would highly recomend that when you have time, you play around with multiple chokes and loads to fine tune your set-up.

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Postby countrygent36 » Sun Jan 07, 2007 10:17 pm

A 300 Win Mag works great!!!!

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Postby sigep538 » Thu Jan 11, 2007 7:03 pm

I will admit that turkey untinh is now my true passion, First I would buy some cheap sights that will clamp on the rib. next buy some win HV or XX # 5, or 6s. The HV shoots a lil faster but the xx has a little higher pay load. Next get the shot gun sighted in at ~20 yards then shoot at a 10 inch circle at 40 yards. If you can get ~ 110 you are good enough and keep you shots within 40 yards. Other wise keep your shots closer or try a tighter choke something like .665 in diameter. If money allows try winchester xtended range in 6's the higher density shot flys a bit " straighter" and patterns tighter. Also you might try the federal Heviweight in 6's they are suposed to pattern very tight with factory full chokes but they also cost 35 bucks for 10 hey im in college also and i know that that will buy a two Keystone light 30 packs. My rig is a Bps 12 with a hastings .660 shooting the old Hevi 13 "cause the new Hevi 13 in crap" and I average 180 holes in a 10" at 40 yards. One tip is to clean to barrel when patterning, for some reason it will open up your pattern; with my experience 15-35 pellets. I hope this helps. Good luck and welcome to a new addicition!!
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