Right time to reload some HW13 loads?

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Right time to reload some HW13 loads?

Postby derbyacresbob » Fri Nov 01, 2013 12:39 pm

If you have ever thought about reloading some Tungsten alloy shot loads, there may not ever be a less expensive time to do it than right now.

If you want some good Tungsten alloy loads but don't want to pay $4.00 to $5.00 per shell you can reload some HW13 shot for much less than most of the factory Tungsten alloy loads are going for right now.

Right now you can get 10 lbs HW13 shot from Bucks Run for right at $225.00 shipped to your door. That comes out to $1.40 per ounce.

I know if you look hard enough you can buy some Tungsten alloy loads cheaper than most of the places are charging now but it is getting harder and harder to buy Tungsten alloy loads at a decent price.

Below are the prices per shell that some of the Hevi-Shot loads are going for. To the right of those prices will be the price of just the same weight of HW13 shot.

1-3/4 oz Hevi-Shot load $5.00 per shell----- HW13 1-3/4 oz of shot $2.45 per shell.

1-1/2 oz Hevi-Shot load $4.70 per shell----- HW13 1-1/2 oz of shot $2.10 per shell

1-3/8 oz Hevi-Shot load $4.50 per shell----- HW13 1-3/8 oz of shot $1.92 per shell

1-1/4 oz Hev-Shot load $4.00 per shell----- HW13 1-1/4 oz of shot $1.75 per shell

I know you will still have to pay for wads, primers, powder and maybe hulls but the savings over the factory loads is a huge savings. Plus you can reload loads that are not available in factory loads for many different gauges.

Tungsten alloy loads are not needed for everybody but if you ever think you may want some or want to reload some, there may never be a better time than right now to do it.
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Re: Right time to reload some HW13 loads?

Postby kenner » Fri Nov 01, 2013 6:15 pm

And for those beginning to load: You need to use Hevi-shot load data, or data specific to this heavier shot!
You CANNOT use steel load data, 'nor lead load data.
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Re: Right time to reload some HW13 loads?

Postby lostknife4 » Mon Nov 04, 2013 2:27 pm

TSS recipes are available with your order for TSS from :
Hawglips ie Hal Abbott @ 919-662-8138
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