Okay Deal on 10g/cc HD

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Okay Deal on 10g/cc HD

Postby RockedEm » Mon Nov 11, 2013 11:49 pm

Because I have gotten a lot out of this forum I wanted to give a heads up in case anyone is interested.
If not its all good, I passed the word (ex-mil, happy V-day).

Let me say I am not affiliated in any way. I load steel, bismuth, ITX10 or whatever deal I can come across to fuel my waterfowling addiction in the best way like most of us!

I ran across Dunn's and saw they currently have Fed, 3" 1 3/8oz BB on clearance.

Ordered a case last week. This time of year I only carry 3-5 on the shell belt as the locals have gotten very smart and the big goose shoots happen early season and late when the migrators show up (if it gets cold.....I hope).

Anyways, in Ohio around the big lake we get BIG Canadians 12lbs+, I swear some are bigger than my 4 year old from tip to tail, 14 yo could barely hold it up...this one went 14lb+ on a scale.
Had a group come over last weekend at 60 yards and I swapped the chamber round out for one of these and dropped it cold.

https://www.shopdunns.com/products/2830 ... 3_bb_case/

Will report on later season...I believe it is the 10g/cc stuff, but I can't even load ITX10 for $1.39/round at 1 3/8oz.
I know, I know...10g/cc is barely better than steel (its closer to lead than steel in my book).

At ~$12/lb delivered I debated buying another flat and cutting it open for smaller reloads for the kid.

I know, I know....God blessed me with daughters, but one is already shooting a 12ga and the other is death with her bb gun!!!
You work with watcha got! :help:

PS, I already looked for the same shirt she has on in XXXL to wear to the duck club, but they were out...damn.

Edited to add shoot details: 20mph wind, 40 degrees, ended up 13 ducks....mixed bag fun.
2 bluebills, 2 redheads (classic two pass), 7 mallards, 1 black, 1 ruddy (he flew in didn't swim), 1 goose.
Daughter missed her first Buffie in the decoys....boy was she angry.

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Re: Okay Deal on 10g/cc HD

Postby RockedEm » Mon Nov 11, 2013 11:55 pm

PS... daughter and I have a rule...

Sounds silly, but you know us duck hunters.

If a ruddy duck flies into the decoys he is fair game....if he swims in we just watch and let him go...they are cute.

Sigh...yes daughters.

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