Preping for waterfowling

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Preping for waterfowling

Postby duckplucker » Sun Oct 24, 2004 8:53 pm

Alright, im just starting to hunt waterfowl and since im only in High School, what would be the best way to get started with a limited budget? I already have a couple dozen hot buy mallard dekes and a dozen canada shells and another dozen silos. What should i get next? :help:
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Postby yellowlab » Sun Oct 24, 2004 9:02 pm

hey what up cuz ... i think you should get a brain implaint

this kid is alright but he can sure go though the shells when hunting dove belive me he needs alot of help... :getdown: :toofunny: :getdown:

i think that he could go a number of ways off his goose spread.. by this i mean neither another doz of shells or shilos would hurt but he is about to the point where he could pick up a box or 2 of big foots

i will leave the duck "?" to you guys just starting my own spread of ducks so i am not sure what to do there... after i got my first couple of duck floters i got a lucky duck... the right way to go??? don't know! what do you guys think? havn't really had a chance to get into duck hunting yet although would love to.
thanks to all replys
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Postby quackkiller » Sun Oct 24, 2004 9:36 pm

Do you have calls? If not you are going to need one. Those decoys aren't going to do crap for you if you can't call. If you don't have any I would go somewhere and try some out, find one you like and don't spend a fortune on it if it's your first, because if you're like me, over time your call collection will keep getting bigger and bigger. As for decoys, where are you going to be hunting? If it is a small hole or timber then you probably won't need too many, but if you're on the open water or in a big field you're probly gonna want to get some more. I would get the GHG hot buys if you're on a budget, but remember since they are cheap they are'nt going to be very durable and you'll probably going to have problems with paint chipping. If it were me I would try and get a better quality and go with the GHG lifesize or oversize, I have these and love em. I also added a dz. GHG pintails and green wing teal to my spread. It will look more natural if you throw in some different decoys such as these.
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