Decoy Paint Schemes

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Decoy Paint Schemes

Postby macmn3 » Sun Aug 18, 2013 7:32 pm

Hey new to this site. Anybody have a list of paint schemes for repainting old decoys? Im thinking of buying paints at lowes or somewhere similar vs buying a kit from cabela's to try and save a few bucks. This year I'm redoing some of my old man's mallards that he sold me, but schemes for any species would be appreciated.
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Re: Decoy Paint Schemes

Postby staticarc » Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:26 pm

I just repainted several hundred of my old faded out mallards .
After trying several different types of paint, ended up finding some good colors .
At lowes I had them mix me up a quart of valspar outdoor exterior primer plus (flat )
"Deep earth " brown ($11). This is my hen body color and drake breast . Can do about 100 solid hen decoys with one quart.
Used John Deere green mixed with a little forest green (satin )for drake heads.
Walmart flat white enamel and flat black enamel for the detail work.
I put a black strip on top of drakes heads similar to G&H decoys.
Added a lot of white to my drakes like the ghg January mallards.
In the crafts section of Walmart, outdoor acrylic yellow and red for mallard bills.
Mix just a touch of red to yellow for that hen orange bill color. Also a small thing of blue for the wing patch.
I did about 200 dcoys for around $40.
Be advised however ... If you've got them clanking together in a bag or something
The paint will scuff on to another decoy.
I ended up with yellow marks on my hen bodies.and had to touch them up.
I leave my decoys out in my field all season , so I put my decoys individually inside a plastic bag until I put them out.
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