Time for new decoys

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Time for new decoys

Postby reconcoupe » Sun Nov 03, 2013 6:34 pm

So I'm in the market for new decoys and wanted some opinions, I've already searched the forum and found some good info, specially on GHG and FA. But I wanted to put my options and research out there and see if I missed anything or if someone has some good insight into a brand. (I always love sharing my experience with products I buy, I figure everyone else does)

Right now I have Cherokee Sports inflatables, mostly cause last season I was walking every were. Right now I have just under 4 dozen, including a dozen GWteal and 1/2 dozen pintails. The work alright and I don't have problems getting ducks to lock wings. But after only one season I've already patched alot of holes and have a few that are beyond repair. I want some traditional style decoys, mallards only. Looking for 2 dozen to start, they will be texas rigged, and probably won't go in a bag, just sit in the boat till I get home and hang them up. A lot of these decoys have paint problems I hear, but I have no problem adding clear coat, and scratches aren't a big concern to me after dealing with decoys that won't hold air. I'm cheap and most of my choices don't go over 60 bucks a dozen. So here they are. No magnums and all prized as dzn w/o shipping.

Storm Front $30 Cabelas (comes to $43 with shipping)
GHG Hot Buy $30 ***** (local pick up)
Higdon Foam FIlled $50 (comes to$66 with shipping, just out of my comfortable price range)
Hardcore Promo $50 ***** (local pick up)
Tanglefree pro series $50 ($60 with shipping from wingsupply)
Readhead Promo $35 Basspro (any idea if these are a rebrand of something else?)

For the 60 buck price range those are what I found. Tanglefree are at the top of the pile, but once again I am cheap, not poor. I welcome input, suggestions personal experience, other dealers ect.

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Re: Time for new decoys

Postby LiquidA45 » Mon Nov 04, 2013 11:20 am

If you don't care about scratches and paintloss then go with the Hotbuys. The have the best posture and the bodies are durable, paint is hit or miss. You could always get a dozen from different brands.
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Re: Time for new decoys

Postby shadowwalker » Tue Nov 05, 2013 8:04 pm

I have 3 seasons on 2 dozen storm fronts and they have held up well to being Texas rigged and thrown in the boat. I wish I would have cleared them back in the day. They still get birds in, but I am probably going to retire them to mix my spread up a bit next season.
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Re: Time for new decoys

Postby olt d2 » Wed Nov 06, 2013 9:51 pm

I bought a new spread this year it's half GHG and FA, bought 1 doz GHG Gadwalls, 6 black ducks and 4 pro grade Mallard butts. THen got 1 doz FA Mallards also bought 6 tangle free mag pintails and two pintail butts. So far for paint wear the tangle free are the best followed by the FA's and GHG coming in last. The prograde Mallard butts are crap dont by them! mine had paint wear right out of the box they also have under filled keels and I had to add 3 oz bell sinkers to the front of the keel to make them ride right. the GHG gadwalls have a lot of paint scratched off the crown of the heads, bills and tails. its not chipping or flaking so its not a big deal but durability is really lacking. The FAs are wearing better and have no real complaints with them. all deeks are Texas rigged and kept in a DP3 bag.
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