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Postby ccdux » Tue Aug 16, 2005 9:00 pm

Has anyone here tried the FUD decoys by Blackwater? I need a some confidence decoys and these sound lite and easy to pack. Space is limited in the old deke bag

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Postby wa.duckhunter » Wed Aug 17, 2005 9:57 am

I haven't ever used them, but they sure don't catch my eye as a decoy that looks like they would last long. I foresee them getting bent, or even folded while being transported to and from the hunting site, causing an unrealistic appearance to your decoys. Again no experience to back this up but, just my two bits on the matter.
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Postby valleyhunter » Thu Aug 18, 2005 2:41 pm

My wife bought me some a couple of years ago. Most of them have come apart at the rivet points. Had to hot glue them back together. They are easy to pack but blow over on their sides in very moderate winds. I would stick to standard decoys and not waste it on FUDS.
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