Decoy Paints - Herter's vs. Parker's

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Decoy Paints - Herter's vs. Parker's

Postby vitaminE » Sat Sep 24, 2005 10:13 am

Last August I touched-up / repainted all of my decoys. Out of 7 dozen bluebills and 5 dozen mallards, close to half of them need to be almost completely repainted. I had a bunch of two-year old-Parker’s decoy paint and purchased new Herter’s decoy paint to complete the job because Cabela’s was out of Parkers paint at the time.. All decoys were well washed, prepped with Easy Liquid Sander, rinsed again, and allowed to completely dry. I followed the manufacturers instructions with both paints. Now a year later, the Herter’s paint is flaking off like crazy while the decoys painted with Parker’s paint are in pretty good shape. I’m totally pi$$ed off at this waste of time and money. All the decoys painted with Herter’s paint - even the ones that DIDN’T GET USED - need to be repainted. A word to the wise - avoid Herter’s decoy paint at all costs! I wish that I had.
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Postby Cobra » Sat Sep 24, 2005 6:15 pm

Have used both brands and have never had a problem with either. Use Kilz2 primer and Herter's paint mainly now, seems easier for me to get. Love their Millenium Green for any duck with green in it's head.
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