Canada Goose Water/Field V-Board Decoys. 10 Sets. For Sale

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Canada Goose Water/Field V-Board Decoys. 10 Sets. For Sale

Postby MDcanvasback2189 » Sat Sep 21, 2013 9:18 am





For more pictures and information check out:

These are 10 sets of Canada Goose V-Boards. I used them less than 5 times, and recently repainted them for the upcoming season but no longer require them. I made these myself, with the intention to guide over these through out the season. These V-boards are extremely durable and can be hunted over in heavy winds and large waves.

I have 3 "short" brackets and 7 "long" brackets. They both float great and the only difference is 3.5 inches. The brackets are 4 inches wide when closed; the short brackets are 33 inches long and the long are 36.5 inches long. The brackets themselves have been made from pressure treated wood, galvanized hardware, and high grade oil based paint (6+ coats). I have cut 1 inch closed cell foam and added under each arm of the brackets to allow them to float higher in the water.

The silo decoy themselves are made from exterior grade luan. Each decoy was hand cut with a jigsaw. The luan is flexible in the cold and very difficult to break/snap. They are all painted with high grade paint (7+ coats).

These decoys come with 1 lbs muffin pan weights and 10ft of tarred braided nylon. The weights can be slid over brackets when closed for easy transportation and storage

These v-boards are extremely effective in the field and in the water, their large profile can be seem from afar. They have great drawing power.
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Re: Canada Goose Water/Field V-Board Decoys. 10 Sets. For Sa

Postby mdfowlman » Sat Sep 21, 2013 3:23 pm

A set meaning one v board or one set being 4 vboards/ dozen geese?
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