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Postby h2ofwlr » Tue Sep 25, 2007 11:20 pm

This is a great starter trailer for a goose/duck hunter. It can also be used as a dog hauler too which it was originally designed for (made by Uplander as 4 hole dog trailer). It has a MN life time lic. 2” ball and swing jack stand with wheel. It has lighter leaf springs, maybe 800 or 1100lbs springs [not so heavy (3000lb) like new trailers are that bounce the heck out of your stuff/dogs)]. There are 3 vents and 2 open able windows too. It is very aerodynamic with the low profile. A SUV or car can easily haul it. I hauled it one time with a 2.7l S-10 for example. Comes with a spare tire too. And the bearing were replaced a few years back, and repacked last Fall, so should be good to go.

It is 5’w x 8’l x 3’ h inside + the hump where the drawer is. The drawer opens from both sides and is lockable and has dividers in it. Idea for shot shells, odds and ends, etc.. It has 4 doors all keyed the same. One each side up front, and the twin rear doors.

As for room, I used to take apart the Big Foots and could haul 5 dz bodies in it stacked together tight. You can easily put in 6 very large tubs for snow goose hunting. I know for sure that at least 5 of the 6 slot FB bags would fit. Maybe 6 of them plus a couple of FA blinds.

I rebuilt it when I got it, added 2-2x2 on each outer side to stiffen the bed as it flexed to much before. Stripped the old, painted it with zinc chromate primer and 2 coats of oil enamel paint. Replaced the floor with treated plywood. Refoamed the perimeter seal between the trailer and the enclosed cap. It has an extra long tongue for 2 reasons, it makes for backing up much easier and when the tail gate is down, there is still ample room to cross over it between the tailgate and tongue jack. It makes your tail gate usable! I put in over $800 into the rebuild at the time. And the trailer frame is in good shape yet. But there is a bit of rat at the rear corner. I have added an aluminum plate at the corner to reinforce the area. And there is small leak somewhere on the front part of the roof. So I just throw a heavy plastic tarp over it to keep the water out not when not using it.

If you are a duck hunter, you could easily add a front rack so a boat went on top of the trailer, and what is nice is it is not so high that you can not hardly reach it like a high box trailer is, thus with this trailer 1 guy can easily take a boat on or off being the rack would be eye level.

The plastic black box in front is NOT included in the sale price as I am going to reuse it on a different trailer.

$550 cash. I also would consider a trade and maybe some cash on my end for a decent condition 15 to 25Hp short shaft motor that is 20 YO or newer. Mercury would be a + as I like their in handle gear shift

PM me if any questions.





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