For your own good read the Classified rules first!!

Post your NON-COMMERCIAL items here for sale/trade/wanted. No Company ads of products or services are allowed except for SPONSORS.
Contact if you're a CO. that is interested in advertising on DHC.
NO general commentary posts are allowed in the Classifieds. ONLY posts directly relating to the negoitation to the item listed are allowed.

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For your own good read the Classified rules first!!

Postby Dep6 » Mon Jan 19, 2009 6:19 am

When the classifieds rules ( ) says you must list the item for sale with a price, we mean it. When we say no OBO, we mean it. When the rules says include "For Sale" or "For Trade" or "Wanted to Buy" in the topic title we mean that too. You better read the rules first and FOLLOW them or we can delete the topic without notice or a PM.

So if your ad is gone---that means you did not follow the instructions as laid out on the classifieds rules.

Also, some members are commenting on items or pricing, and that is in poor form. So if you are not buying, etc, then LEAVE THE THE COMMENTS OFF OF A TOPIC. If you want to give a heads up type of thing, then please use the the PM to do so.

Thanks for your cooperation


If you receive the following in a PM - it means you did not follow the above rules.

Please follow our Classifieds rules. Your topic was deleted because it did not conform to the DHC classifieds rules.
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