Looking for a pit lease in NW AL

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Looking for a pit lease in NW AL

Postby CP » Fri Jun 24, 2011 8:55 am

Hey all... I have just moved this past year after a 12 month job layoff, and am rebuilding my duck spots and my list of hunting buddies in a new state. So, I am learning a brand new state and trying to line up what I will need for a good couple of seasons while I take my time to scout a new region.

After some good thinking and a few useful bits of info from guys on the TN Forum, I am thinking that I will need to find a pit lease for the 2011-12, 2012-13, and perhaps the 2013-14 seasons. That will allow me to scout and learn TN for a couple of years, and ensure that I have one dependable place to hunt for the next few seasons.

My price range is the $1,500 mark or lower. I do not need to join a duck killing machine site (modest numbers would keep me happy) and I do not need access to a lodge/trailer/tent... I just need a farm/swamp, a place to park my car, and a place to sit. I am looking for NW Alabama, W Tennessee, W Kentucky, SW Illinois, SE Missouri, or E Arkansas. That is a huge circle, and I am sure that the wide geography and the reasonable standards would help me find what I need.

As far as me... I have been duck hunting for three years, married with young kids, I run a nonprofit safety net healthcare company that provides medication to free clinics and safety net hospitals, I am a 15 year ordained Evangelical minister, I hunt ethically, I don't mind long drives or hard work to get out to hunt, and... I am typically the comedian at any party. As far as gear... I have everything one needs, including the boat.

Lemmeno if you hear of anything. I want to pull the trigger on a shared portion of a lease (get it? "pull the trigger") by September so I am working the forums and the internets now to find a new home base.

Thanks all!

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