New Guy Lookin for Advice

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New Guy Lookin for Advice

Postby means5104 » Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:58 pm

I am interested in duck hunting but have no idea where to begin. I live in northeast AL and am really looking for some help in the matter. Where are some good places to start hunting? I have no boat, no dog yet, and no idea as to how to get involved in the sport. Is there anyone who would be interested in sharing some basics as to where to hunt,how to call, or when the best time to hunt? As I stated I have literally zero knowledge on duck hunting. I was raised in a family of non hunters, so its not as if I can ask them for advice. I would be open to any help that can be shared. Any at all. All I am equipped with is a Winchester 1200 12 gauge pump that my grandfather gave me when I expressed interest in hunting years ago and a strong desire to take up duck hunting to go along with my turkey hunting obsession. I am from the Gadsden area to be more specific
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Re: New Guy Lookin for Advice

Postby kb9zgb » Sat Jan 07, 2012 8:00 pm

Well I will try to help you. We all been there before course it helps having some one teach and show you stuff. go to the trap and skeet range. learn to shoot moving targets. first rule in any hunting or shooting situation. IF YOU ARE NOT 100% SURE DONT SHOOT. while at the range ask about a safety class they are usually free and it wont hurt to learn it. most turkeys wont move any where near as fast as a couple woodies dive bombing your blind. "more about that latter" After you start to hit clays at the range keep at it. start collecting gear. waders, coat, calls , decoys, you dont have to get top line stuff look in the newspaper or craigslist ebay.ect try to buy a call that has a tape or cd dvd along with. calling is a art form not everyone can do it well. I can goose call ok but cant call ducks worth a crap. watch some youtube videos About calling. now go get a bird book that features waterfowl in your area. Read and learn about the ducks where they go what they eat WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE. Try to find some one who will take you along your first season. watching how it is done is better then reading about it. Start with the larger ducks mallards black ducks canvas backs ect. Again use the bird book and follow the rules where your hunting. the little ducks like teals and woodies move a hell of a lot faster then a mallard. take your time be patient be still. when your in the blind. Ducks will see you. camo up and conceal. you could also try field and jump hunting ducks if possible. a lot to explain about it so take things slow one step at a time. holler latter on about gear and stuff.
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Re: New Guy Lookin for Advice

Postby AlabamaOutdoors » Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:14 pm

when i first started out, i hunted in about knee deep much boots camo pants and shirt, oh and a mask and hat. first is first, you should get your state and federal stamp and hunting licensee. then you need a gun, hopefully you got that far. then your going to need some steel shot. then get you a pair of waders. find some flooded timber, or a pond, or even the lake with a cores liscence. and start scouting, maybe even throw some wheat seed out. but season goes out, so i hope that you get good luck next year. GOOD LUCK BROTHER
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Re: New Guy Lookin for Advice

Postby jack lowe » Thu Aug 02, 2012 9:34 pm

a great begginer call is a primos winch it sounds good and is easy to blow an most come with dvds
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