KY Ducks and geese for inshore fishing?

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KY Ducks and geese for inshore fishing?

Postby KyFowl20 » Thu Oct 03, 2013 7:47 pm

Hey guys, I'm Gona be in Destin on vacation October 12th-19th and I'm looking to do a little inshore fishing. Would any of you guys be willing to take a KY guy out for a morning or two? I would gladly trade out central ky goose hunts on a private lease that kills over 100 geese per season or west ky timber duck hunts ( or both if time permits). I can drive 1 hour your way to make it happen. I will also pay for half of your gas in the boat and half or the bait. I'm not looking for a guide, just a buddy to tag along with and catch a few. Heck ill even buy you some cold brews. I'm used to fishing in the obx so I'm not completely green when it comes to saltwater fishing. If your not interested in swapping for hunts, I would be willing to pay for all your expenses for the day of fishing. Sounds like a pretty good excuse to get out for the day. (Atleast that's what I would tell my wife) . I appreciate any responses.

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