The effects of gill netting in Alabama Waters.

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The effects of gill netting in Alabama Waters.

Postby David » Tue May 22, 2007 8:23 am

Recreational fishing and Alabama's economy are negatively impacted by long gill nets that are not allowed in any other state along the Gulf. Here is a report and a site to go to if you want to help fight gill netting and try to limit the length of nets used. ... Report.pdf
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Postby David » Wed Jun 06, 2007 8:18 am

I received this email this morning and thought I'd share it. It was in HTML, so I had to take out all the coding. That is the only change made to this email.

Momentum is building towards our goal of passing a bill that could substantially limit the number of commercial gill netters this year. With the last day of the session fast approaching, most of the Senators are supporting this important bill and our fishing resources. Check out the list below to see if your Senator is one of them. We specifically need our supporters to call Senators Ben Brooks (251-344-7744) and Vivian Figures (251-208-5408) if you have not already. We believe they support the ban but we need to urge them to push hard for its passage on the final day. We expect more supporters to continue to come on in advance of Thursday and we will keep you posted up until that day. If you can, thank these men and women for supporting our resources and urge them to talk to their colleagues about supporting Rep. Jamie Ison's bill. The momentum is with us now as we stay focused on Thursday. Thank you for everything you have done to see that this bill gets passed. Achieving our goal has never been closer.

Pat Lindsey
Rodger Smitherman
Rusty Glover
Lowell Barron
Hank Erwin
Roger Bedford
Steve French
Myron Penn
Arthur Orr
Bobby Singleton
Hank Sanders
Charles Bishop
Larry Means
Linda Coleman
Wendell Mitchell
Del Marsh
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Postby ALMODUX » Thu Jun 07, 2007 3:48 pm

The problem is, with some of the folks listed there (supporting it), I'd almost be against it just because they're FOR it. :lol:

I mean, this thing is being championed by some of the most crooked folks our state gov't has seen. Yeah! I really want them on my side of anything....not. :help:

....Oh course, Charlie Bishop apperently just decked Lowell Baron on the senate floor....might have to be for it if Charlie will promise to hit him again. :rofl:
Here's a thought: Let the ducks work and decoy.
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