how many can i kill???

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how many can i kill???

Postby hogjaw » Mon Jul 28, 2008 9:54 pm

is it just me or is the bag limits listed on the outdoor alabama website vauge. and they dont even put em in the book they send out. I was wanting to know how many of each kind of duck i can kill. I know i can take 4 mallard and 2 woodies and stuff like that. but what bout gadwalls and other ducks? I shot five gadwalls one ay last year and was scared of gettin checked cause i didnt know what the bag limit was. If you hadnt guessed im new to duck whackin so any info and clarification is appreciated. also info on geese would be nnice too, we get tons of canada on ponds around my house. how many of them can i kill? it all seems to vauge and confusing to me. any help??? thanks! :help:
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Postby Xtra_Grey » Mon Jul 28, 2008 11:47 pm

they dont put waterfowl bag limits in the normal deer, squirrel, fish guide. they make a seperate booklet for waterfowl that you can get around late august at wal mart or a huntin store. waterfowl bag limits are adjusted every year depending on the waterfowl count they take every year. it is to my understanding that waterfowl numbers are down this year as compared to last year and therefore we will have a more conservative season this year (less days and more restrictions on the numbers of each species we can kill) hope this helps
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