Inland/Highland Lakes???

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Inland/Highland Lakes???

Postby hogjaw » Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:20 pm

has anybody ever hunted or even know if you can hunt these two lakes: Inland Lake, Highland lake. They are both in Blount County near Oneonta. I saw one of em on a fishing video once. I don't even know if they are public access or not. Was just wonderein if they held any geese or ducks during the seasons/ I was lookin for a spot off the much too crowder big water and thought I'd ask about these two lakes. Highland looks to be crowded around it but Inland looks like it's in the sticks, judging by ariel photos on mapquest. I don't want any real secrets just to know if you can hunt on em. And if you can use an outboard or not, have to hunt in or can hunt out of the boat, that sorta thing. If I can't find anything out I'll call the GW or something. And if anyone can direct me to the right places on the web. I've bone some searches but they didn't turn up anything.
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