Sea Duck hunting threat

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Sea Duck hunting threat

Postby waldo2382 » Tue Dec 08, 2009 1:50 am ... 9props.pdf

Please take a look. The proposal to lower the sea duck hunting limits in 15C (Southern Kenai Peninsula) is coming up for review again year since what was accomplished this past summer is to postpone the change in sea duck implemented last year. The limit for residents currently is 10 per day/ 20 in possession with no more than 6 per day/12 in possession for harlequin or oldsquaw and 8 per day/20 per year with no more than 4 of any one species for non-residents. The proposal wants to lower the limit to 2 sea ducks per day/4 in possession.
Nancy Hillstrand has been putting in for this change since the early 80's. If you look at the link above, there are some proposals that are written well with logic. If you look at prop 52 (the very last one) is leaves a lot of blanks with not much logic.
Anyway, it is time to write letters to the Board of Game to let them know that birds migrate and not every bit of water is suitable for ducks, and there are other areas that attract ducks by the thousands. So please send those letters to:
ATTN: Board of Game Comments
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Boards Support Section
P.O. Box 115526
Juneau, Alaska 99811-5526
or you can fax your letters to 907-465-6094

I can assure you, that I hunt for these sea ducks religiously and Atwater can assure you, I have put a lot of effort into chasing these beautiful birds. Please look at the pictures I have posted as they are proof that birds are here. My reports I post here are accurate and no stretch of the truth. They are being used for food and a few for mounts, despite the proposal saying that most are being wasted.
Thank you,
Ethan W.
Alaskans for Global Warming

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