Salmon Fishing Holiday

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Salmon Fishing Holiday

Postby Irish Duck Hunter » Wed Apr 07, 2010 4:24 am

I hoping to arrange a salmon and trout fishing trip to Alaska next year and I would appreciate any advice you guys might have . I posted the same request on the Honey Hole ( but thought it would be worth while posting here as well

I am looking to get off the beaten track, I have heard that the Kenai is a bit crowded in places which isn't the type of fishing I want to experience. I would like to get a trip with at least 7 days actual fishing and get to experience the wilderness of Alaska.
So can you suggest places to go and more importantly what are the places or guides to avoid ?

What can I expect to pay for a 7 day trip ?

Through searching the internet I came across a couple of places such as these

Thanks for your help guys.
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Re: Salmon Fishing Holiday

Postby AK Ray » Fri Apr 09, 2010 5:11 pm

If you want Alaska knowledge then go to an Alaskan based forum.

The Outdoors Directory or now known as the Outdoors Supersite.

You can join forums and then search the fishing forums for some basic info.
The one thing you will find is that most of us do not use guides or go to lodges, those are for the doctors and lawyers with the fat wallets.
For the lodges you listed they should have a price list. Most are about $1,000 US to $1,500 US a day which includes lodging, all meals, and a guide, typically two fishers on one guide, boat and fuel, and the short hop flight from King Salmon or Dillingham.

The trout fishing typically starts to improve in late summer once some salmon have come in and spawned. I prefer to hit rivers when silver (coho) salmon are around which also means that the trout are starting to really feed. Silvers are great fun on the fly as are sockeye. Sockeye are typically earlier in the summer. The regions have differing salmon run timings so you have to check that out with the lodges.
This guy came recommended from a friend.
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Awesome Gulf coast area with insane silver fishing in the fall and late summer.
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