Shooting Restriction--Help Needed

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Shooting Restriction--Help Needed

Postby Oly1 » Sun Mar 06, 2011 7:16 pm

Shooting Restriction--Help Needed

If I can impose on your time for one minute. We have a no shooting zone restriction that the county commissioners are trying to pass in Thurston County Washington that could be a tool the antis use to further their cause. The commissioners have proposed a 300 “YARD” shooting restriction on marine waters as well as restricting the use of firearms on other rural areas of the county. Their proposal as written will close areas on both Washington Department of Fish and Game public hunting areas as well as public hunting areas on the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge. This could have far reaching implications if the antis see this as a tool to further their cause and further restrict hunters rights.

If you could be so kind as to send an email to the county commissioners and cc: Cedarville Farms so we have records on file of objection to this ordinance. Email to and

Thank you for your time and your support is appreciated Oly1

Commissioners Cathy Wolfe, Sandra Romero, and Karen Valenzeula attn:Robert Smith,

I a writing to state my opposition to the proposed No Shooting Ordinance in Thurston County. My concern is that a population of citizens, who disagree with the morality of hunting, are using "safety" and "noise" as reasons to eliminate shooting county-wide. Washington State and the Game Department have developed policies in order to protect our society from individuals being unsafe with firearms. If there are safety concerns in particular areas based on space and distance, then they should be addressed individually, as many other counties in the state handle these concerns. If this is a noise issue, then will contructions and loud music also be limited on the waters of Thurston County. Many families have a long heritage of hunting on the salt waters of Thurston County and whether it be for subsistence, as a waterfowl guide or to manage the birds that predate on thier shellfish crops, this ordinance would eliminate most oppurtunities for lawful citizens to hunt waterfowl on the salwaters of Thurstons County.


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