sign petition to save Teshekduk Lake pintails in AK

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sign petition to save Teshekduk Lake pintails in AK

Postby foggyhunt » Wed Apr 09, 2008 1:25 pm ... 1000014262

it wouldn't hurt to read the story. We've been trying to bring back the severely declining pintail population for decades. We're making some progress but don't need any more severe hindrances. article and petition against drilling in criticle AK waterfowl habitat. Some might say, heck everywhere you drill there is a cost of wildlife. Sure, pintails can find more water elsewhere. I'm 50, and my dad is 75. Since he hunted ducks in high school let's remember that in the lower 48 ducks have lost over 80% of their natural habitat since the 40's and Alaska is gaining more waterfowl for nesting than in years past. And sometimes we can't tell which are drakes or hens up here in ak but if at all possible don't shoot a hen pintail.
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