New to Arizona

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New to Arizona

Postby Khendy64 » Wed May 04, 2011 2:51 pm

i am a full time student who will be transfering to NAU flagstaff. i am from southern california and a duck whore i have 6 good labs that are running and 2 retired and one untrained. i will be bringing my big male goose dog with me though i just have a couple questions im hoping some one can answer for me
1) is there even any good duck hunting where i am in flagstaff
2) should i bring all my gear like my jon boat my decoy trailer with 24 dozen decoys
3) any good honker hunting in the area
4) or should i bring my little dog and just focus on upland hunting
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Re: New to Arizona

Postby rcdinaz » Fri May 06, 2011 9:20 pm


Start with the AZ game & fish site they have some good info on where the small lakes are that hold ducks. There are not a ton of geese unless you make it over to the west part of the state and the Colorado River. That doesn't mean you wont find some if you look really well it just means they wont be the kind of numbers your used to. There are also a lot of people that jump shoot small tanks and ponds but this doesn't sound like your kind of hunting. Also get a map of the area and you will be able to see where there is water and might find some really good holes. In y experience the local game & fish office is pretty good about giving you some ideas and letting you know which lakes may have limited access or could be mostly dry. I hunt the eastern part of the state and the lakes around the valley so I am not much help in giving you specific ideas about the flagstaff area.

I would bring the boat because there are some decent trout lakes and bass fishing if you are willing to drive a little so you could hunt and fish.

Good luck let us know how you do.
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Re: New to Arizona

Postby Khendy64 » Sun May 08, 2011 1:29 am

thanks for the info i normally drive all over here in California north and south we have property down in Mecca and property up in red bluff so im use to chasing after birds but i imagine its a whole different ball game out in Az and ive only shot the colorado river like three times and i remember alot of buffleheads so think im going to stay away from that area. but everyone i have talked to recently has basically said my area is kind of a bust for duck hunting and i should bring my little upland lab and a .243 for cyotes going to suck not being able to knock a few honkers down every morning before class though
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