Best Duck Call / Goose Call

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Best Duck Call / Goose Call

Postby Infamous20 » Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:43 pm

Just wondering what everyone is using out there and what have they found that has worked the best. I am looking into a RNT but might be up for something different haven't really ever asked this question to other duck hunters.

Hopefully this forum isn't as dead as I think it is...


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Re: Best Duck Call / Goose Call

Postby duckbio » Fri Sep 21, 2012 6:17 pm

This forum does stay pretty dead. As far as what call is the best is the one you can make sound like a duck. I would suggest not buying one from an online order for the fact that you cannot try it out and hear what it sounds like. With that being said, even the same call from different production years can be different depending on the person who tuned the call before it made the trip to you. With you being in AZ, the ducks have heard about everything there is to offer by time they reach you. I know, I hunted in SE AZ area for a couple of seasons.

Now with that said, I personally have an RNT Original and RNT Alpha 2 as my work horse calls depending on what the birds want to hear on that particular day. I love these calls and with a little tuning of the reeds for my personal style of calling I can get them to coax some pretty pressured birds to take a look.

Hope this helps. Remember, if at all possible, try before you buy.
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Re: Best Duck Call / Goose Call

Postby usmcheavyjnk » Sun Nov 04, 2012 10:56 am

I haven't hunted down in Arizona yet hopefully in the next few days that will change my bread and butter call is the zink "power hen double magnum" it is loud and raspy and really gets the ducks attention on my lanyard I also have a zink "power hen 2" and a rnt. "Daisey cutter" for when the ducks aren't in such a loud mood my goose lanyard has the zink "nightmare on stage" and a zink "moneymaker" both are great calls but not for someone who is new or doesn't practice
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