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Calling tips

Postby LIGHT12 » Thu Jan 31, 2008 8:38 pm

I know we have some newer hunters on here. I also know even veterans learn things until they die. So I finally got off my butt and am posting a couple of tips. These are really the only tips you need when calling. I stole them from Ron Haydel, he had them posted someplace else.

1. As long as the ducks are coming in, forget calling.
2. Try calling at birds as they circle when they quarter into the wind. This will make it easier for them to set up for a landing zone into the wind.
3.When the ducks start an erratic wing beat, hit them with a comeback call immediately to bring them back on line.
4. If they look as if they may drift off-line, use single quacks and feed calls to bring them back online.
5. When team calling, one person should be the leader while the others just fill in. Don't compete against yourselves.
6. Realize that not all ducks are callable and that even real ducks do not call in all the ducks all the time.
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