Cibola Youth Goose Hunt

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Cibola Youth Goose Hunt

Postby spectr17 » Sat Dec 13, 2008 10:42 pm

Sitting here at the Sportsman's Club listening to snows and honkers fly over south to Cibola Lake. Not sure if they are new birds or birds from the loafing area on Cibola NWR. It was a tough hunt today, only 1 pin and a mallard shot by the kids. The geese are flying high and are not looking much at the spreads. The Sportsman's Club is hosting junior hunters on the South Ranch and North Ranch. 54 kids here. The NWR and guides say about 4K-5K honkers and maybe 1K of snows in the valley. Friday morning we had maybe 1K honkers go over us at the south ranch and 4 mallards. Today maybe 800 honkers went over in the morning. This year they are running 10 duck blinds on the Island Unit of Cibola NWR along with the Farm Unit where they are set up for geese.

Some of the local guides say they flooded up some stubble fields over by the Palos Verde dump (Ca side of river) and that where all the ducks are. I haven't been able to go check but I did see a huge cloud of mallards get up on the Goose Loop Tour in the corn on Cibola NWR around 2pm today. It was one of the biggest clouds of mallards I've seen in the west. Some of the hunters I've talked to who have been here all week are seeing some mallards and widgeon but it's been real slow they said. I heard some shooting on the river but not much, maybe 8 shots all morning. Swan's is shooting a bit, the private fields just east the Cibola NWR boundary.

After this morning hunt the kids had lunch and then some trap shooting, duck calling classes, bow shooting and more. The wind came up later in the day and was gusting up near 50 with the flags straight out. Temps have been a lot warmer than last year with lows around 46 and highs in the 60s. Last year was cold with the lows in the 20s. Supper was topped off with some dutch oven apple and peach cobbler. Yum. The raffle was after supper and the kids score all kinds of bling like Buck Gardner duck calls, Mad Dog and Avery blind bags and gun cases, GHG decoys, Kent Ammo and more

The kids get one more crack at the ducks and geese tomorrow morning. We hope they get some shots but I think they are having a great time judging by all the smiles around the campfires.
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Postby Widgnwhacker » Tue Dec 23, 2008 8:58 pm

Here is my report from day 2 at the kids hunt:

Today's hunt was a little different at least from our view in a duck blind on the Island Unit. I had two young gentlemen in my blind with Wyatt and I. We had a beautiful sunrise and a decent morning flight of ducks.


The young gentlemen in my blind are both established skeet & trap shooters, and were very well mannered and very safe shooters. They had tons of questions, and it was great fun just being able to spend time in the blind with these young gents. This was my first duck outting this season and I couldn't have spent it any better way than we these young hunters!


They were very patient, and these two gents have what it takes to become great waterfowlers; and to carry on the tradition that we older guys hold so close to our hearts. You know, as stewards to our sport we older more experienced hunters owe it to these kids to get out there and volunteer a day or two of our time to them. These young hunters are the next breed of waterfowl fanatics and will be the ones to carry it on to future generations!

The gleem in these guys eyes tell the story for sure! Well after several birds around our blind but not within shooting range, I was able to get on the whistle and pull a hen widgeon in close. My shooters teamed up to get their very first duck!



As you can see from the pics that these two guys were very happy as was I when they were able to accomplish this goal! The normal pickup time was supposed to be 10:00 am but I told my hunters that if they would like to stay in the blind even though the shooting was slow, that I was willing to stay with them as well. So after Jason Knight came by to pick us up, I told Jason that we would hangout until after Redheadcali picked up his spread. At that time they dropped off an observer and friend of the father of one of my hunters Jackie! He joined us in the blind until we were finised. It was great having him join us as he was able to witness the boys getting the shots off at the other widgeon!


The boys also were pretty impressed with Wyatt and his skills!


My hunters were also able to get a couple shots off at a big greenhead but did not connect. All in all it was a great hunt and I am already looking forward to next years hunt. If you really want to have some fun, ask me how you could be part of the 3rd annual Cibola NWR Youth Hunt!

WW Out!
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Postby WA11 » Wed Feb 04, 2009 9:56 pm

The youth hunts are awesome I am from Arizona but have lived in the North West since 1978. It is awesome to see the youth and the parents and volunteers out with them showing what is like in the field. Those are good times they never forget, and aides in putting quality hunters in the field as the grow older.
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