Question for you layout guys

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Question for you layout guys

Postby ncsuquackhead » Sun Oct 07, 2012 5:18 pm

I'm a little lost with the whole anchor bridle. I get that with it clipped to each side of the boat there will be less swinging, but with all the different setups I see I can't figure out what the point of the float/decoy is. Most of the rigs I see have the float attached to the part that clips to the boat, so if you unclipped the anchor line from the bridle to pull the layout in the tender, you will lose the anchor line. So why is the float there at all in this case? It seems to me like you would want the float on the anchor line so you could just unclip it and get the anchor in after the layout is up. Help me out guys! Thanks :bow:
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Re: Question for you layout guys

Postby g_maxson » Mon Oct 08, 2012 10:41 am

I don't have a float on my bridal, just the anchor. The only use of one on your bridal would be if you had to retrieve the layout where it was not connected to the anchor.

Here is what we do:

Putting out:
Clip bridal on
next clip anchor line to bridal
Shove layout off tender
motor up wind letting the anchor line out until it is tight
drop anchor

Taking out:
Use boat hook to grab anchor float
Unclip bridal from anchor float and drop anchor float back in the water.
If you don't have a handle on the layout stern, use bridal to lift layout into tender. If you have a handle, leave bridal clipped and flip briden into layout.
Motor back and pick anchor up.
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