? on butterballs/whistlers

Duck hunting for diver species like Canvasbacks, Redheads, Ringnecks, Eiders, Goldeneye and other diver ducks.

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? on butterballs/whistlers

Postby T-MAN » Tue Sep 19, 2006 7:50 pm

Im looking into bying some buffleheead and whister decoys. The ones i want come with only drakes though. It probably wont look good if i got 20 blocks out that are all white will it? Does anyone know if its ok to do that , or where i cant find some that will come with some hens.

Thanks alot , Tyler :salude:
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Postby Erik Olsen » Tue Sep 19, 2006 9:42 pm

i am only painting drakes as i repaint they stand out much better than hens and ducks dotn seem to notice
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Postby goosehunter64 » Wed Sep 20, 2006 2:06 am

All drakes will work perfectly. :thumbsup:
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Postby ISHOOTDIVERS » Wed Sep 20, 2006 3:54 pm

I carve my own blocks, I have never carved a hen and my layout rig consist entirely of drakes, and it kills plenty of birds, the birds show no preference to drakes or hens, and with goldie dekes I especially like all drakes because their markings are so distinctive and they are truly a species that keys in on their own kind from what I have seen and the birds I have shot, just my 2 cents
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