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Postby greenster » Sat Jan 21, 2006 9:33 pm

Not sure If I’m a genius for figuring this out because AGFC and hardly no one else I have talked to has figured this out either but you tell me:

Arkansas ducks numbers are Down 50% from last year (reported by usfws)

LA Duck numbers are up 50% from last year


Think maybe that’s the answer to where the ducks are?

I even got a theory on why that’s where they are:

Preseason: No water, Hot, Some short stopped because of heat (as they did last year, which was best year since 2000 for me BTW) and rest (in pre-season and up until Dec 20 kept flying to the swamps and marsh lands of LA because there was no water.

But now South winds, Lots of rain tonight, Duck push north possible for closing weekend? ill be in it all day tomorrow.
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