2012 arkansas hunting trip

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2012 arkansas hunting trip

Postby duece4ducks » Wed May 02, 2012 11:23 am

Hey guys ... first of all im not looking for anyones honey holes just looking for some info on some hunting bayou meto area or close by, there is 4 of us coming down and we have never hunted flooded timber and would love to try it. What would be a good time to come down and a good place to stay. We need all the help we can get we are coming down from illinois so its not like we can jump in the truck and come scouting every weekend or evening, thank you guys for all of your help. I cant wait to come down.
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Re: 2012 arkansas hunting trip

Postby rabbitdundied » Thu May 10, 2012 6:37 am

There are several hotels in Stuttgart you better start booking now. Stay several days and do not plan on hunting for a day or so. I recommend since you cannot come and scout beforehand that you treat your first trip like a scouting trip for later years. Bayou Meto is usually pretty stable in the amount of water it gets from year to year (compared to other WMAs). If you are walking in you can scout in the evenings. If you are boating in you have to be out by 12:00. So walking gives you opportunities to scout that boating does not. I would not expect to do well the first time you come down without prior scouting. I would expect you to see lots of people, boats, sky busting and ducks not interested in where you are set up. The guys that come out of there with limits put in all kinds of time scouting and still have to beat people to the holes to get successful.

If you want to actually experience green timber hunting while you are here on your first trip consider hiring a guide and going to a NWR like the White River National Wildlife Refuge or the Cache. The money spent will be worth it for you actually see what it takes.
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